Boris McGooligan films was created in 1987 by film makers Rich Mahoney, Craig Lines and Ken Dodds from Newcastle upon Tyne in England.

Each was working in the industry as freelance professionals but they came together with an urge and a desire to make their own brand of quirky films when they weren’t earning their living as a three-man crew on other projects.

With many documentaries, short and medium length films, entertainment programmes, commercials and music videos under their belt, Boris McGooligan was reduced to Craig and Rich in 1999 when Ken left to pursue his career in Hollywood.

In 1992 whilst working for the BBC, Boris McGooligan won a commission to make a documentary about the Rave scene which was fairly new at the time. No-one had filmed anything at a Rave before, but Craig, using his contacts in the music industry was granted access. This documentary was a turning point for Boris McGooligan, becoming their first major broadcast commission and launching their careers as professionals in the film industry.

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