Do I need film-making experience to be eligible for this workshop?

No, the idea of the workshops is to break down the art and technicalities of film making from the very start … the idea or concept … to the final production and showing of the film.


I don’t want to make a movie, just a short video for a work presentation – how will these workshops benefit me?

No matter what kind of audio – visual presentation you are interested in, and no matter what role you intend to play in it, all types of film production follow the same methods. The skills and techniques you will learn in these workshops will benefit you in so many ways, not only to better understand the processes involved in film production, but also valuable to enhance your other skills, like communicating and visualising ideas.


What do I need to bring?

Just a notebook and pencils / pens. And/Or a laptop If you have one.


Do I need any specific software?

You don’t need any special software to attend the workshops, but if you want to take film production further, we’ll advise you on software that will be beneficial to you in the future. There will be demonstrations throughout the course using professional film making software.


How do I register for the workshop?

  1. You may register via the website

  2. You may register via Evenbrite


How long is the workshop?

The workshop will be running for 3 weekends.

6 days in total, or 42 hours.


How do I pay?

You can pay via Paypal or Bank deposit.


What do I do once I’ve paid?

  1. Payment via Paypal: Please notify us through email

  2. Payment via bank deposit: Please email us a copy of the deposit slip


When is the payment deadline?

  1. For Early bird rate: Deadline is on October 31st

  2. For the VIP, deadline is November 15th


Are there age limits / requirements for enrolment?

There’s no age limit, but each daily workshop lasts for around 7 – 8 hours – it’s up to you. Ideally you should be computer literate and understand basic computer terminology. You should also have a good understanding of English.



Do I have to attend all of the courses?

No, you don’t need to attend all of the workshops. They are divided into 3 x parts and are priced individually, basically; Story and Storytelling, Preparation, and Shooting and Editing. You may be interested in only one or two of these parts, however you may miss something essential from one of the others, so we recommend that you attend all of the workshops in order to have a comprehensive and broad overview of the entire process of film-making.


Will I receive a certificate or anything else when I complete the courses?

Yes – you’ll receive a Masterclass certificate signed and endorsed by Craig Lines. It will be a recognised training qualification that you can add to your resume. You’ll also receive a USB Flash Card Drive on which will be all of the workshop notes and examples. Additionally, once you’re registered with us we will keep you informed of other specialised courses and offers and you will automatically qualify for discounts and benefits.


Will the workshops be entirely in English?

Yes they will - Craig is from the UK and can’t speak Tagalog (though he is trying to learn!) and the common language of film making and most film making terms are in English.

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